Bull Show


Entry Fee: $300/Pen

Entry Fee Deadline: November 25, 2022

February 22, 2023:

Opportunity for cattlemen to showcase their bulls and promote their program at the Classic!

  • The pen will be 3 bulls. One bull from the pen must sell in the respective Breed Sale.
  • The Pen Bull Exhibitors receive 1/2 Page ad in Beef Catalog.
  • The consignor can elect to sell 2 or 3 bulls if they choose. Sale bulls must be entered in the online sale entry process.
  • All bulls must be halter broke.
  • This is a NO fit show.
  • All 3 bulls must be owned by the same breeder.
  • Bulls must be registered with a respective Breed Association.
  • Bull entries for pen show must have registration numbers, birth weight, weaning weights and EPDs.
  • Bulls will be displayed on the north side of the show ring area.
  • Bulls will show in the “showring pen area” They will be shown loose in the pen as a group of 3.
  • Awards for pen shows will be presented.

Bulls can be dual entered in the Breed Show and Pen Show.

There is a separate entry form for the Pen Show. Sale Bulls must be entered in online sale entry.