Breed Show/Sales


Entry Fee: $150

Entry Fee Deadline: November 25, 2023

Classic Commission: 9%

  1. Entries must be registered at time of entry. You need registration number.
  2. Entry fee must be paid before an entry will be accepted.
  3. Entries will be accepted online at our
    • Read the Online Instructions carefully before beginning the online entry process. If you have entered on line before, make sure you use your user name and password to obtain your file already in the computer. JUST HIT SEND ME MY LOGIN!
    • • If there are any questions about the online entry process, please contact the Classic Office at 308-627-6385.
  4. After your entry is complete online, you must send in your signed consignor consent form, along with copies of registration papers and entry fees to the Classic Office (PO Box 607, Kearney, NE 68848).
  5. Please contact Ronette at 308-627-6385 on the correct way to submit a picture. ALL PICTURES ARE FREE! NCC Management reserves the right to determine the usage of the picture. Pictures for print must be submitted with entries. On-line pictures can be added at any time. Pictures are highly recommended for HELPING YOU sell YOUR ANIMAL! Email a jpg to [email protected]
  6. All Individual Breed Rules are set in cooperation with the respective Breed Association.
    All entries are subject to a screening committee approval.
  7. All entries are eligible to compete in the NCC Supreme Row if selected as the Breed Champion.
  8. All animals, unless screened, must sell. The sale commission is 9% on the sale price. A minimum of 50% of an animal must sell. NCC reserves to management the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle or determine all matters, questions or differences in regard to the show and sale.

NEW opportunity this year for young cattlemen (25 years of age and younger) that have not consigned to the NCC before. First year consignors have the opportunity to have one entry fee refunded upon selling an animal at the NCC Winter Edition Sales. This program is a one year only option. Contact Ronette for details.

The following information is required on the breed sales entries:
All entries MUST be REGISTERED at time of entry. You must have a registration number when you make your entry.

All entries will be required to have registration numbers and the following minimum EPD’s are REQUIRED in the Classic Catalog. (CE, BW, WW, YW)

NCC will have a check-in committee that will work with Breed Representatives at check-in.

The Ag Pavilion Cattlemen’s Quarters will set up for check in for all sale cattle. All cattle will check in on Tuesday, February 20 starting at 9 AM.

At check-in – all bulls will be weighed.

All heifers will have tattoos checked.


November 25

See Complete Breed Sale Rules