NCC Official Photographer

The Classic Photographer is an important member of the Classic Team!

The Classic photos tell the story of the event.

The Official Photographer of the 2022 Fall Edition and 2023 Winter Edition: Next Level

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The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic is now accepting bids for the Classic 2022/2023 Events.
The events will include all activities at the Classic Winter Edition, Pop Up Event and the Fall Edition.

Photographers wishing to submit a proposal must meet the following requirements:

  • Photographer must have previous experience picturing cattle and events.
  • Photographer must provide images and results to publications.
  • The Classic will have access to all photos to be used for social media and all marketing materials.
  • The Photographer will work with the Classic Team on daily basis during all events.
  • The Classic will have required daily photos for needs during events.

The following photos and or events are requirements for the photographer to capture:

  • Official backdrop photos of champions and reserve champions of all events. (Open shows and Junior Shows)
  • Candid shots at all events. The candid shots will include but yet not limited to shots at all showrings, sale rings, individual contests and around the facilities during the events.
  • Photos of all grand drives and supreme activities.
  • Photos of all contests held during the Fall Edition.
  • Photos at all sales held during all events.
  • Overall shots that show crowds and groups. Photos should not be limited to individual.

Special needs include and not limited to: (Review schedule of each event to outline event specific needs.)

Winter Edition

  • Video clips of animals to post for sale promotion including the heifer pens
  • Small video clips to be used for event video promotion
  • Drone photo of grounds

Pop Up Event

  • Outside only event
  • Drone shot of grounds
  • Crowd shots
  • Video clips for event promotion

Fall Edition

  • Video clips of prospect sale features from online promotion during the event
  • Small video clips to be used for event video promotion
  • Drone photos of grounds

The photographer will accommodate all requests from the Classic Team.
All requests should be submitted to
For questions, contact Ronette K. Bush-Heinrich, Manager at 308-627-6385.