Deadline: October 15.

Are you interested in showing in a Pen Bull Show? Call 308-627-6385.

The Fall Edition Event offers cattlemen the opportunity to display bulls they plan to market at the Winter Classic or their own upcoming sales. This will be a showcase opportunity for breeders to cattlemen of all ages that will be attending the event.

The Bull Pen will be located in the north outdoor arena.
Sullivan Supply and Weaver’s Supply trailers will be located in this area, as well as the Cactus Jacks Truck. The goal is to have a tent to showcase the bulls and the display areas.

Bulls will be displayed in pen area. The bulls will be loose in the pens.
Exhibitors will be able to unload directly at the pen.

Bull Pen exhibitors will set up on Friday, November 4.
Bull Pen exhibits will be open Saturday, November 5 .